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It's a odd job, making keys & opening doors. We run into all types of folks at work, at home, and when they are on the road. If your here for a laugh you found the right place. The good, the bad, and the ugly all go here.

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This is where they come to talk strategy, small business owners of all types. Small locksmith countries across the nation are proudly thriving despite set-backs. This is the place to complain, preach, & teach. Marketing, Accounting, Locksmithing, or Retirement. Lets find the key to a healthy career here.

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For the oldschool locksmiths struggling with computers, & the young guys confused by safes & locks older then time itself... Come here with questions and leave with answers. Our business is tough to research dozens of manufactures coming and going year after year, we all need a hint sooner or later.

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Locksmith's possess incredible ingenuity. Also some weird stories, you should share them both.


We have decades and decades of "creative" engineering shoved in our faces. We learn how to fix it, what ever the heck it is on the spot. We race about town solving this and that. Our job is to solve original problems on the go with efficiency.

We understand the frustrations and victories you have felt, and all the crazy stuff sprinkled in along the way. This site is open to locksmiths at any level, come with questions or answers. Locksmiths are encouraged to include some of your personal solutions for fixing abstract engineering failures. Just here for a laugh? That's fine to.

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We have taken calls we will never forget. This is where you can put them in words for us all to enjoy. Share your story with the rest of us to enjoy.