15 minutes? Can’t you get here any faster?

We have all heard this one before. Is it the 24/7 ads that prompt these people to feel an entitled attitude? How is it people expect locksmiths to have ETA’s rivaling that of the fire department? If someone give me lights siren and the little remote to make intersections safe to blow through ill consider giving better ETA’s until that point in time ill be driving just over the suggested speed limit.

I don’t understand. When it really gets me is rush hour. You can hardly get from one exit to the next, let alone across an entire city. It reminds me of when you’ve been picking a lock for a few minutes and the customers face fills with worry, the moment that they realize your not jason bourne, and you might not actually be able to pick it in under 60 seconds, its almost like all hope left the room…..

So in any case for those future customers that stumble upon this before calling a locksmith remind yourself he can not teleport and will have to drive like everyone else. Whether your call is for a car key replacement, key fob replacement, to unlock a car door, rekey a house, install a dead bolt it does not seem to matter to some people. that is one lesson I have learned. you can’t keep everyone happy…. in fact you can not keep any one happy. many people can be made happy temporary but at the end of the day they are only as happy as they allow themselves to be. Like the guy who acts like a child when you can not cut him a key by code from the VIN number because he does not have a driver’s license or a title. Bro. This is not the wild west. This is America and we have rules, laws, moral obligations, etc. It is us being jerks when he needs his key, but god forbid we cut his girl friend a key after she dumps his ass and wants to drive his 1999 bmw with 22s into the local watering hole…. yeah then we would be the bad guys for not checking a State ID… Thank got for the solid 60% i see come through my shop, they are the people who make getting out of bed in the morning possible.

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