Our Objectives

  1. Share a few laughs
  2. Provide helpful small biz advice
  3. Exchange trade knowlege

Our Story

This site wasn't but now, it is. Most importantly this a place to trade the obnoxious calls we get from time to time. After that, Locksmith Diary exists as a glorious round table where locksmiths from around the planet can combine their genius, and ask each other technical locksmith stuff. For those who want to preach and teach we offer a platform for you to share your small business advice. Wish you had gotten better advice when you first started your business? I do.

Meet the Team

Locksmith Diary attracts some of the most trusted names in the industry. Our leadership and commitment to quality in unmatched.


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You can't share every funny call on your website. Those customers might not be too happy to read your field report. Locksmith Diary is a safe place to share how you really feel. Although it would have been nice if you would have got here sooner, we've been waiting 15 minutes already...