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Call: 2002 Chrysler Town and Country | Key Won’t Turn

Here’s a fun short one. I get a call late just after dinner last winter for a Mopar ignition repair. I expected to add if to the long list of easy repairs I was lucky enough to get, but no. Not that night, why? Customer DIY.

So I’m talking to this woman getting the standard information asking her the expected questions and we quickly arrive at the issue. Her ignition wouldn’t turn, so she went online and read all about it, she lubricated it, she tapped it with a screwdriver… yada yada yada. The type of phone conversation that’s mostly shit you don’t care about mixed with the few bits of info you need and finished with landmark directions. “Turn right when you see the mailbox…” I have a GPS. “well our house is hard to find…” I have a GPS. “Just look for the house with the wood front door…” Great Thank You!

Now this savy DIY mom hopped on Google, and shes in business. After some searching she finds her solution, lubricate the lock and tap it until it turns. Well It was too cold out for her to go buy the lube she needed, no prob. Just one more Google search and one more problem solved. Simple as that, olive oil will do the trick…

After all that research, she gets bundled up and grabs her olive oil, her keys, & hammer. I’m trying to picture her pouring most of the olive oil on the ground to try get a little in the ignition. The van had frozen olive oil all over inside. All over, it must have gotten all over her gloves because it was everywhere. It was cold as cold gets here, in Saint Paul, MN that is cold.

What am I to find on arrival? Olive oil ice cube ignition. People like this impress me for simply surviving to adult hood. Credit where credit is due this was simply a case of bad timing.

Lesson learned: Olive oil can freeze. Duly noted. Too bad, it’s way cheaper than Tri-Flow.

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  1. I can’t stop laughing, this is a funny post. Yes, it happens to me, too. People try to DIY and the problem gets worst. People need to know to call a local locksmith when they need a professional locksmith service, it will also save their time and money.

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