The Repo Story

So one Saturday morning I got a call from a woman who owned a small car dealership near my place of business. She was a new customer and I wanted her business, indefinitely so when she began to tell me about her situation I thought I could impress her with my wuto theft skills and would surely win her over as a customer for years to come. Well that is kinda, kinda not how it turned out. As it runs out I am not the car thief I thought i was. If I ever decide to do that I again I know exactly what I would do differently.

So one of her mechanics at the small auto lot she owned was using the Hummer H2 she owned as a “a to B” type car? I guess she was letting him use it to get back and forth to work. In any case she fired him and he wouldn’t give her the hummer back. So either she had to tell the cops he stole it in which case he would get charged with GTA and face jail time, or she simply has it repossessed…. she chose to have it repoed. She was telling me that the following morning I could come to their car lot and make the key then. Well my smart ass decided that I would win her over by saving her the cost of the tow truck and while this guy was in the bar watching a ufc fight getting drunk i would be quietly stealing his car in the dark parking lot.

Didn’t happen that smooth. It was the oddest fucking parking lot i had ever seen in my life, it was like a strait line ring around a group of empty commercial offices with one bar. so homeboy parks right by the door, and literally every fucking person walking into the bar that night walked right past me….My first mistake was hiding my van, that is what mad me look shady. If your going to steal a car get a locksmith van and park it next to the target car. I creeped a few people out and one of them called the cops. I figured that our when 4 squads pulled up on me, 2 from each side of the skinny ring of a parking lot. thank fully the owner of the hummer, and owner of the car lot intercepted the cops and gave me a second to drop the gunmetal colored vice grips and step aside from the car.

So if your going to do that I recommend no hiding your van, and wearing a bright yellow vest that screams technician…..

I eventually picked the ignition and we drove the Hummer out,  after the cops left we drove about 1 mile out to a grocery store parking lot where i finished the job gave them a key and parted ways feeling lucky I didn’t spook a cop with a pair of vice grips…. live and learn.

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