Everything You Need To Know About Locksmith Scams

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The locksmithing sector draws a lot of con artists attempting to defraud unwary customers. You need to know how to detect a locksmith scammer whether you’re looking to hire a locksmith or if you’ve had a bad experience in the past with a con artist.

Scammers who claim to be locksmiths are neither licenced nor skilled in their field. They would simply make a visually appealing website, hunt for images, and post a persuasive advertisement for locksmith services. To make sure your website is at the top of search engine rankings, they will even go above and above. However, they won’t give a specific address and instead use general terms.

Unreasonably low prices are a classic warning sign that you are dealing with a locksmith con artist. We all want to save money, so low costs are typically a good thing. However, if the price seems too good to be true, be wary. To entice their victims into such a great bargain, dishonest locksmiths frequently offer absurdly low prices, just to raise the price after the work is complete. If you see Google ads with absurdly low costs, ignore them and choose a reliable locksmith.

Be wary of locksmith businesses that don’t have a real physical address. Untrustworthy locksmiths will list their shops at specific addresses, but it is impossible to find them. Even mobile locksmith businesses that work out of vans will have at least one physical location. Make sure to avoid hiring locksmiths without a physical location.

The final communication you will receive from a dishonest locksmith or their business will come after they have completed their service. Since they realise they did a poor job and you could call to request a refund, they typically vanish and take precautions to ensure you cannot contact them. If you manage to get in touch with the business, you might learn that the locksmith who provided services for you is no longer employed there.

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